Join us for Cardio-Tramp®/Stretch every Friday at 9:30am

The perfect union! Twenty-five minutes of cardio and 25 minutes of stretching! This high energy and restorative class is suitable for beginning students as well as experienced students who enjoy mixing it up!  It is guaranteed to wake up the body!

Stretching not only helps to heal troubled muscle areas, it can also provide numerous other health benefits as well.

A strong Mind-Body Connection is established because the stretching is gentle, specific and focused.

You will increase range of motion, flexibility and muscle strength! Active stretching will help you train and perform longer and better, and keep you pain and injury free.

Come join us as we raise our heart rates and STRETCH out the imbalances and asymmetries in your body.

Visit our Classes page to learn more and to reserve your spot!


DATE: Every Friday
TIME: 9:30am
LOCATION: Balance Pilates Studio

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