Boost Your Metabolism and Your Mood

Mother and Daughter having breakfast

Many of us skip breakfast for one reason or another. Some skip breakfast because they
think of the meal as calories they aren’t consuming and therefore, they will lose weight.
Others just simply do not have time to fix breakfast. They spend the entire morning
running in circles, trying to get themselves ready for work, get the kids ready for school
or daycare, sit the trash out, pack kids backpacks, etc

The question is: How does this affect the rest of their day and does it have anything to do
with weight loss?

We’ll start with the calorie cruncher. Although many think dinner is the most important
meal of the day, it is really Breakfast. How is that true? Because breakfast sets the tone
for the day, it determines how you are going to burn calories, your mood and your energy
levels. If you choose not to eat breakfast, after sleeping for an average of 6- 8 hours your
body will automatically go into starvation mode, your metabolism is goes array. The
body will store extra fat (calories) you eat throughout the day to make sure it will not
starve, because it doesn’t know when it will get food again.

Typically, those who do not eat a healthy breakfast will make bad choices later in the day
(when you have less time to burn the calories). People will justify having a small bag of
chips or a little cookie during lunch, because hey, they didn’t have anything for breakfast.
Wrong choice. You’re body grabs the chips and cookies, creates a few fat cells, (which
by the way never actually leave the body when you lose weight, they only shrink), places
them right on your tummy, exactly where you do not want anymore fat, simply because it
doesn’t know when it will get food again. The body is not able to consume, use and flush
food properly, it can’t get into a fat burning pattern. This is where eating 5 meals a day,
consistently is beneficial.

Let’s move on to the busy morning person. Your day starts in a whirlwind. Kids, clothes,
food they all seem to mysteriously fly around the house in the early morning hours. You
find it nearly impossible to keep the wheels turning, how could you possibly add to this
madness? After the kids are dropped off and you skid your way into work, you take a
deep breath, grab a cup of coffee and the workday begins. You have no idea that you
have completely botched your metabolism and it’s fuel burning cycle, instead you body
will now store as much fat as possible for the rest of the day. This is what happens when
you don’t take time out for you.

Make yourself the highest priority in your life. Above your family, friends, pets and co-
workers, do everything you need to do in order to keep your body and your spirit happy.
It will pay off- maybe in pounds.