Frequently Asked Questions About Finding A Creditable Pilates Teacher

Q. I use Pilates books and videos at home, why should I participate in lessons at a Pilates Studio or Health Club?

A. Books and videos can be good tools to help you remember what you’re doing. However, nothing can replace the eye of a qualified and experienced Pilates teacher to help you understand the exercises and find the right muscles to do each exercise correctly. Books and videos will show you the basics of the exercises, but won’t help you become aware of the ways you’re cheating, or help to identify your bad habits and assist you in correcting them. Also, not every exercise is for every person. Following exactly what’s on a video may be dangerous for your body. Besides, just doing Matwork is only half of the system, so you’re missing out on half the benefits Pilates has to offer. Use of both the Pilates equipment and mat exercises is the ideal and best way to utilize the Pilates system.

A Qualified Pilates Teacher Can Help You:

•Find the right muscles to get the most benefit from the exercises.
•Learn how to modify or tweak the exercises for your body to be in safest position.
•Identify which exercises are appropriate for your body and which exercises you should skip or wait awhile before adding to your workout.

Q. How do I know if my Pilates instructor is a qualified teacher?

A. Pilates instructors must attend a series of workshops with a qualified certification and a qualified instructor trainer.

STOTT Pilates is a highly creditable certification body that requires written, practical and practice teaching and personal practice. A STOTT Pilates trained instructors attends rigorous workshops with extreme attention to detail.

To the uneducated consumer, without asking questions, you may not know if your teacher has the background and experience necessary to really help you get the most from your Pilates training experience. Here are a few questions you can ask:

1. Are the instructors trained through a comprehensive training program?

2. Did that training program require a written and practical test, lecture, observation, practice and apprentice hours?

3. How many total hours were spent in the training program?

4. Does the instructor have any other movement related teaching experience?

5. How long have the instructors been teaching Pilates?

6. What is the instructor’s / studio’s philosophy and specialty? Are they able to handle special needs, injuries and rehabilitation?

7. Does the instructor or studio teach the full repertoire of Pilates on all pieces of apparatus?

If you have other questions about qualified STOTT Pilates instructors contact Balance pilates, your local STOTT Pilates sudio at 804.340.1203.

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