Pilates Ball Exercises and Benefits

When you start your pilates ball exercises, you’ll wobble a bit, and that’s good, because you’re using all those deep wonderful stabilizing muscles. We have 2 categories of muscles, one mobilizing muscles such as the biceps and we have stabilizing muscles such as the transvers abdominals.

3 Great Reasons to Get Unstable!

1. Improved balance through improved stability

2. Increase awareness and strength in the hips. If you do sit-ups (or crunches) on the floor your hips remain in the same position and only allow you to flex your torso forward. However, if you do sit-ups on the ball, your torso will also extend backwards and so increase the full range of the movement. You’re not as stable on a moving object forcing deeper stabilizing muscles to work

3. Improve flexibility. On the ball you can stretch you pecs, quads, hamstrings, hips, psoas, and abdominal obliques.

Your STOTT Pilates instructor can teach you exercises for your abs, arms and legs on the ball. With your instructor you will see the benefits above in addition to knowing that you are in the safe hands of a qualified instructor guiding you through the exercises with proper form and precision.

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