Have you considered Pilates this New Year?

Doctors and physical therapist have been recommending Pilates to those who suffer with back, knee and shoulder problems. It’s extremely popular in remedial treatments and patients who’ are rehabilitating from surgery.

In recent years Pilates has become much more mainstream. So, what is all of the fuss about? Why do Pilates and what can it do for you personally? Lets review a few good factors to get you fired up.

1. Low Impact
Pilates is really a low impact workout and places virtually no strain on your knees, ankles and wrist.

2. Weight Loss and Toning
Pilates is not really a cardiovascular workout it’ll will work up a sweat and increase your heart rate. It’s particularly good for toning and tightening your muscles.

3. Affordable
Pilates workouts can be performed in small group sessions or in classes so that you can go easy on your wallet and tough on your abs.

4. Core Strength
One of the main focuses is core strength. The core muscles are the heart of most people’s back problems and with Pilates you focus extensively on this important muscle group. When you enhance your core power you not only make your back more powerful you also enhance your posture and overall power. Best of all you tight abs look as good as they feel.

5. Improved Breathing
Pilates exercises focus on technique and form. To achieve the perform form you are taught specific breathing patterns. Many of the exercises will help to open up your breathing channels and it will leave you feeling invigorated right after every workout.

Source: selfgrowth.com

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