Balance Pilates…I’m addicted. I first started working out with Kimber over seven years ago. Although the calendar says my body is aging, pilates has kept me flexible, strong and younger than my years. In fact my bone density tests have improved since pilates has been a part of my life. Kimber and her staff keep me on track with my 3 classes per week…there is no slowing down for me! Even with a couple of joint issues, my pilates training allowed me to meet the demands of advanced pilates and to stay motivated. I plan on being able to work out on the Cadillac at 80, even if Kimber has to lift me into position! I really cannot imagine, even with all of the options, taking pilates anywhere but at Balance Pilates.

– Sharon H.

I love the versatility that Balance offers-from private to group sessions and even the opportunity to do podcasts on the equipment. It allows me to adjust my workout schedule to the changing demands of my professional and personal life.

-Allison B.

I have been Kimber’s student for almost 10 years, so I guess that’s a testimonial by itself! Kimber is a conscientious and focused, hands on trainer who has a very discerning eye for body movement, use and structure. She has very good intuition with clients, tailoring the workout to each individual’s personal needs and goals. With her dance background her movements are graceful, smooth and clear when she demonstrates a new exercise. She makes certain that my routines do not get stale, mixing up the mat, chair, Cadillac, and reformer. Kimber has an extensive knowledge of muscle structure and the connections they have and as a result she can see past my ‘skin’ to the way my body is moving. I have seen such amazing improvement in my strength and flexibility through the years. Pilates with Kimber is the only exercise routine that I have been consistent with in my whole life. And that’s saying a lot! I have owned all of the home equipment: the bike, the stepper, the treadmill and never kept up with any of those routines for more than a few months. Thank you, Kimber, for being my pilates trainer!

-Teresa P.

I love that I am working out my entire body, yet I feel energized after every workout. I rarely get sick anymore, and if I do, I get better much sooner than I did before I did pilates. I’ve also seen real improvement in my posture and strength. I highly recommend Balance Pilates!

-Jacqueline M.

I really appreciate how you stick with me, and I respect how you approach your work. You take it seriously while making it fun; you listen carefully to all my concerns and reactions. You have so generously shared your expertise and made me feel cared for. I feel so lucky that I found you!

-Jan A.

I cannot clearly describe how impressed I was with you and your studio during my visit to Richmond. You have truly taken the STOTT work very seriously, and you presented such a worthwhile course on the Stability Chair. Your sweet personality put me totally at ease. That’s a real gift, and I’m sure you make all your clients feel good that way. So, thank you for offering and teaching the course-I know how much time and effort it took to prepare. Thank you for your professionalism in your work, and for your welcoming spirit. I look forward to studying with you further.

-Linda N.

I love pilates, and have been doing it for years, but it was not until I started taking it with Kimber that I began to see and feel real results. She’s been teaching for years and is really good at explaining and breaking down the exercises so that I can do them right—-and that makes all the difference because doing the exercises correctly and using the right the muscles is what it’s all about. I can really feel the difference! I love my workouts at Balance!

-Jenny J.