Full Schedule

Advanced Stability Chair (ACHR)Nov 13Balance
Advanced Barrels (ABRL)Nov 13Balance
Intensive Mat-Plus (IMP)
Jan 27 - 29
Feb 10 - 12
Feb 25 - 26
Intensive Reformer(IR)
Mar 10-12
Mar 24-26
Apr 1-2
Apr 15-16
Advanced Cadillac (ACAD) Apr 29-30
May 13-14
Athletic Conditioning on the Reformer, Lev 3Nov 19Balance
Athletic Conditioning on the Cardio Tramp RebounderNov 19Balance
Bodyweight TrainingNov 19Balance
Intense Sculpting Challenge, Flexband Lev 4Nov 20Balance
Stability Ball Challenge, Lev 5Nov 20

Zen-ga Power & Strength with Mini Stability BallNov 20Balance
Essential Cadillac WorkshopDec 3Balance
Essential Stability Chair WorkshopDec 3Balance
Arc Barrel WorkshopDec 3Balance
Reformer Intervals with Accessory BoardsDec 4Balance
Matwork Flow with WeightsDec 4Balance
Reformer and Cardio Tramp Barre WorkoutDec 4Balance
CEC Workshop TBAMarch 18Balance
Total Barre Foundation CourseMarch 19Balance
CEC Workshop TBAMay 6 - 7Balance
Written ExamDec 9Balance
Practical ExamsDec 10 - 11 Balance
Anatomy ReviewJanuary 15Balance
Written ExamMay 19Balance
Practical ExamsMay 20-21Balance
*Continuing Education Workshops are open to all fitness professionals. You do not have to be a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor in order to enroll.